A Deep Dive into the Performance Metrics: Inter Club d’Escaldes vs Víkingur Gøta

Football is not just a sport for many of us, it is a way of life. When our favorite teams take center stage, the excitement is palpable. Each match is a new chapter in the story of our club. It is no different for fans of Inter Club d’Escaldes and Víkingur Gøta teams who recently played against each other. In this blog post, we will take a detailed look at the match inter club d’escaldes vs víkingurgøta stats and quantify the clash between these two teams.

The match between Inter Club d’Escaldes and Víkingur Gøta that took place on 15th July 2021 was a closely fought battle that had football fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams put in a great effort, but in the end, Víkingur Gøta emerged victorious with a score of 2-1. Interestingly, the match statistics reveal that this was a closely contested match that could have gone either way.

One of the most significant statistics from this game was the shot accuracy of both teams. Inter Club d’Escaldes managed to hit the target with six of their total eight shots, while Víkingur Gøta hit the target with five of their twelve shots. This shows that both teams were quite efficient in front of goal and made the most of their chances. Another interesting statistic was that Víkingur Gøta had a higher possession percentage, showing their dominance in terms of controlling the game.

Another area where we see Inter Club d’Escaldes matching their opponents was in the number of fouls committed. While Víkingur Gøta had committed more fouls – a total of 17 – Inter Club d’Escaldes was not far behind with 14 fouls. This indicates how both teams were putting in all their effort into the game and were determined to come out with a win.

Perhaps the most telling statistic from the match is the number of yellow cards issued to both teams. Víkingur Gøta picked up two yellow cards, while Inter Club d’Escaldes avoided any bookings. This shows the level of discipline that Inter Club d’Escaldes maintained throughout the match. However, the result of the game indicates that Víkingur Gøta was the more effective team on the day.


Football is a beautiful game, and when two teams like Inter Club d’Escaldes and Víkingur Gøta come together, it makes for a thrilling experience. All the statistical analyses and data only supplement the spectacle that is played on the field. It is exciting to see how closely matched these two teams were and how much effort they put into this game. It’s easy to see why fans of both clubs are so passionate about football. We hope you enjoyed our statistical breakdown of this epic match and stay tuned for more football discussions in the future.