How To Store Wine: 7 Tips You Didn’t Even Know

Shaking the wine too much and leaving it in hot places are common mistakes that affect the quality of the drink. After choosing, buying, and receiving your wine at home, you need to know how to store it to make the most of its properties. In this way, you will have a sublime tasting.

Every wine lover has a place at home to store the bottles like wine cellar for example, and this care is necessary to ensure the quality of the wine, maintain flavors and aromas for longer, and enjoy the drink even after a few months or years of purchase.

Give Preference To Places Away From Light.

Your bottle Needs to be protected from sunlight and strong light bulbs. These rays, along with excessive heat, can harm your drink. That’s why cellars and cellars are often dark places.

Prefer Cool Places

In general, wines should always be kept in a cool temperature environment. Ideally, the storage location should be between 12 and 16ºC, without much fluctuation. If the temperature is a little higher than that and you will consume the wine in a few days, there is no risk that the drink will deteriorate. Temperatures higher than 25ºC, on the other hand, can harm the drink.

Look for a ventilated environment

It is essential to store the bottles in an airy place, as closed and stuffy environments contribute to the proliferation of fungi that can affect the stopper and spoil the contents. Look for an environment that has good ventilation so that air can circulate freely between the bottles.

Avoid unstable locations

The storage place for wines needs to be firm so that the bottle does not move unnecessarily. Shelves or appliances are not good options for storing your wine. Leaving them on the floor or in an appropriately spaced beehive piece of furniture is more suitable. Also, avoid handling the wines. Only remove it from the place you stored it like a Box storage for instance when you are going to consume it.